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Parking Regulations

Student Drop Off

Please do not enter the southeast or southwest parking lots to drop-off or pick-up students.
Parents are advised not to make U-Turns on 43 rd Avenue because of the high incidence of accidents in this
congested area. Do not stop along 111 Street and in the bus zone to drop off students. Parents should
drop off students at the southwest entrances adjacent to Confederation Leisure Centre.


Attention Parents/Guardians and Students:

  • The City of Edmonton recognizes that there is a lack of student parking at Harry Ainlay School.
  • There are limited stalls in the Confederation Leisure Centre lot for students to park.  Most of the
    stalls are reserved for the participants of the facility.
  • Recreation Facilities and Parking Enforcement are working together to ensure that participants of
    the recreation center have access parking. If you are illegally parked in the Confederation Leisure
    Centre more than one time, you will be towed without warning.
  • In addition, there are parking stalls in the lot adjacent to Louis St. Laurent for Ainlay students to use.
  • Students are not permitted to park in visitor parking or staff parking stalls.
  • You are LEGALLY allowed to park in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the school provided
    that you obey all traffic signs.  While residents might not like it, any car may park in a residential
    area as long as it moves every 72 hours.
  • However, please ensure you park legally.  Common parking infractions include:
    • parked too close to driveway: vehicles must be at least 1.5 meters away from a driveway.
    • parked too close to intersection, fire hydrant, crosswalk, stop sign and yield sign: vehicles
      must be at least 5 meters away.


ETS Services

Students that use the bus to get to Harry Ainlay can refer to the ETS Trip Planner to see how they

can get to the school in a timely manner.