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International Students

Harry Ainlay is a multicultural school that offers a welcoming atmosphere to students from all around the world. To support these visitors, we have developed an extensive program for International Students who wish to attend our school and study in an English speaking environment. At present, there are over 80 International Students enrolled at Harry Ainlay from a variety of countries. Many of these students are planning to continue their studies in English at universities in North America. Others are enrolled to simply become more proficient in English.

International Students have the opportunity to study three different levels of courses in English as a Second Language (ESL), ESL Social Studies, and ESL Science. International Students are quickly integrated into the regular program so they can experience the highest levels of education that a high school can offer.

More information about registration can be found here.

Information regarding fees, how to register, and the homestay program can be found on the Edmonton Public Schools website at internationalprograms.epsb.ca.

Edmonton Public Schools’ International Programs is partnered with Canada Homestay International (CHI) to provide Homestay services to our international students. Our program is currently looking for Homestay families in the area of Harry Ainlay High School. If you are interested in providing homestay services please select International Student Program – Edmonton Public Schools

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