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Awards & Scholarships

Student Recognition – Ainlay Achieves

Harry Ainlay recognizes and celebrates student achievement.

  • students are recognized for outstanding contributions and achievement in academics, fine arts, applied subjects, co-curricular, and service.
  • Awards Program
  • District Awards Program
  • Excellence Recognitions

Criteria for Awards

Honors with Distinction and Honors awards will be given to students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Awards are based on marks at grade level and not necessarily based on courses completed in the current school year. 
  2. Awards are based on 25 credits of which 15 credits must be from a core subject: Math, English or French Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. English or French Language Arts is mandatory. Non-core subjects may compose the remaining 10 credits.
  3. Honours with Distinction will be awarded to students with an averaged mark of 90.0% or higher. Honours will be awarded to students with an averaged mark of 80.0% to 89.9%.
  4. An awards ceremony will take place in October to recognize the achievements from the previous year.

Note: No exceptions will be made to students whose mark is a fraction of a percentage short of any of the three levels.