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Principal: Mrs. Camille Loken

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Carmen Roth

Assistant Principals

Assistant Principal Student Surnames  Admin Assistant
Mr. D. Carter (ext. 2869) A – E Urmela Scarlett 
Mrs. R. Ferguson (ext. 2359) F – L Urmela Scarlett 
Mrs. E. Johnston (ext. 2889) M – R Janine Lund 
Mrs. C. Kennedy (ext. 2949) S – Z Janine Lund 
Mr. Y. Jean-Proulx (ext. 2929) French Immersion, International Students   Scarlett / Lund 


Counsellor Student Surnames 
Ms. D. Welsh (ext. 2507 ) A – E
Mrs. M. Bishop (ext. 2506) F – L
Mr. S. Hordal (ext. 2504) M – R
Ms. S. Boan  (ext. 2505) S – Z
Ms. K. Shennan (ext. 2502) Learning Supports

Department Heads

Department Contact Person
Athletics Mr. T. Greenslade
Career and Technology Studies  C.T.S. Mr. J. Neufeld
Career Pathways/Outreach Mr. S. Bezubiak
English Mrs. R. Reed
English Language Learners (ELL) Ms. J. Radcliffe
Fine Arts Ms. A. Sedens
French Immersion Ms. G. Engli
International Baccalaureate Mr. D. Zuberbuhler
Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Ms. A. Sedens
Learning Supports Ms. K. Shennan
Mathematics Ms. G. Engli/Mr. J. McInnes
Physical Education Mr. G. Gehlert
Science Mr. R. Martens
Social Studies Mr. W. Lavold
Student Activities Ms. S. Dvorack
Student Services Ms. S. Boan
Technology Mr. P. Jones

Resource Personnel

RAP Mr. S. Bezubiak
Teacher-Librarian (library) Ms. K. Schock
Work Experience Mr. S. Bezubiak
Grad Mrs. A. Ansari


Office Administrator Mrs. K. McLean (ext. 2229)
Head Custodian Alvin Pasco (ext. 2202)

Alphabetical List of Teacher Emails