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School Philosophy

Our fundamental purpose is to achieve optimal learning for all students in their pursuit of ‘excellence in all things’ within a vibrant, diverse learning community.

To become an exemplary community of learners where collaboration enables purposeful learning and nurtures individual character growth in a climate of safety and mutual respect.

We provide a balanced curriculum, which promotes the development of the whole student. Individualized programs of study stimulate learning and prepare students to be global citizens of good character.

We are committed to providing resources for the professional development of collaborative teams to develop clear and common learner expectations, standardize assessment tools, and utilize more effective learning strategies in meeting the diversity of learner requirements.

We encourage the full participation of all educational partners by providing authentic experiences in curricular and co-curricular activities.

School Community Profile

Harry Ainlay High School is a large, south Edmonton high school that provides an extensive range of programming to meet the needs of all students. Our students come from diverse educational, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Our students excel in academics, arts, athletics and citizenship. Our parents and community continually demonstrate support.

Programs and Organizations

We offer a balanced curriculum with individualized programs of study to meet the learning needs of all students.

We are a district site for French Immersion and International Baccalaureate programs.

We are a magnet school for International students and provide support for Special Needs students and Students-at-risk.

We use technology appropriately to enhance learning.

Instructional Focus

The Instructional Focus of Harry Ainlay High School is to ensure that an increased number of students receive their high school diploma in a three-year period.

The success of our Instructional Focus will be measured by:
interim internal data such as student progress reports and attendance data and external data such as diploma examinations, district data and district survey results.

Continual, ongoing evaluation of our results and reflective practices in collaborative teams will allow for modification of strategies and approaches in the implementation of our focus.