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If your child is successful in obtaining a spot at Harry Ainlay and this is your first child in high school, we invite you to attend a New Parent to a High School Student session on Tuesday May 15, from 7 -  8pm in the Harry Ainlay Theatre. We will have a small presentation and would like to answer your questions about expectations for grade 10 and what the transition to high school will look like.  If you are interested in attending, fill out the following survey and indicate any questions you would like answered.



Update as of April 20, 2018

As of April 16, 2018, we have reached our optimal enrollment limit for all grade levels. In Grade 10, we exceeded our optimal enrollment limit. Therefore, any current grade 9 students who reside outside of our attendance area will participate in a District supervised random selection process. All of these students will be contacted by phone regarding the results of this process on Friday, April 20, 2018.

For 2018-2019, we will no longer be accepting any students who live outside of our attendance area.

For all current Grade 9 students who pre-enrolled by the April 16 deadline, you have been accepted for 2018-2019 if:

    • You reside in our attendance area
    • You are continuing in French Immersion programming
    • You have a sibling continuing at Harry Ainlay for the 2018-19

Students who are new to Harry Ainlay, and are currently in Grade 10 or 11 have been accepted for 2018-2019, if they pre-enrolled by the April 16 deadline.

    • Students who reside outside the City of Edmonton were not accepted because our optimal enrollment limit was achieved.
    • All new students coming from other schools for 2018-2019 should check our school website (Ainlay.ca) regarding start-up information.

For the 2018-2019 school year, Harry Ainlay will only be accepting students who move into our attendance area. *** 3 pieces of proof of residency are required ***

For French Immersion students who move into Edmonton after April 16, 2018, please contact M. Jean-Proulx at the school.


Invitation to all Ainlay parents/guardians to participate in an Ainlay Parent Input Focus Group:  Tuesday, April 24th @ 7PM, school library.  

Principal Gane Olson would like parent input on the Student Behaviour and Conduct Policy that is currently being revised.  

Please review the current policy here.  

If you can’t attend the meeting, please email any questions or comments you would like addressed at the meeting: harryainlayschoolcouncil@gmail.com 

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