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Student Council

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Upcoming School Council Meetings:

Tuesday, January 16 @ 7PM in the school library: Student Mental Health and Wellness

Come learn about student mental health and wellness from our guest panel presentation: Ms. Shelley Boan (Ainlay Counsellor and Department Head, Student Services), Dr. Christoper Maursiak (Registered Clinical Psychologist) and Dr. Mark Corie (Clinical Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta). All Ainlay parents/guardians are invited to attend. If there is a specific topic you would like addressed by the panel, please email harryainlayschoolcouncil@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 7 @ 7PM in the school Library:

School Council is hosting a "Rootbeer & Pretzels Evening" with our School Board Trustee Michael Janz. All Ainlay parents/guardians are invited to attend, as well as all parent/guardians at Ainlay's junior high catchment schools. Please RSPV with the following link, so we have enough snacks for everyone!  http://www.michaeljanz.ca/root_beer_pretzels

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