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Character Counts!

Harry Ainlay students and staff recognize and celebrate the virtues that serve to develop and nurture kind, caring and responsible citizens. We embody fairness, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility in all that we do. We are active learners who:                                            

    • attend classes every day and are ready to learn
    • be prepared and bring all learning mataerials to every class
    • do our best work in every class
    • read a variety of literature for learning and enjoyment
    • spend our study periods quietly in the designated work areas
    • carry our school ID card and present it when asked
    • respect our school building and grounds (lockers, floors and ceilings, classrooms, washrooms and grounds)
    • treat fellow students and staff with dignity and respect
    • utilize cell phones in an appropriate manner that is conducive to learning
    • respect the school dress code – remove all hats and wear appropriate business casual attire

… to ensure that all achieve outstanding results!

More information can be found on our School HandbookHARRY AINLAY SCHOOL HANDBOOK