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Character Education

At Harry Ainlay… character counts!

Over the past number of years, Harry Ainlay staff and students have worked within our school walls and also in the community to create a culture based on character. Through the creation of a safe and positive environment in which good character is modeled, recognized and celebrated, students have demonstrated a dedicated focus to their learning. Our initiative has transformed itself from an unknown, fragmented idea to a very stable and solid foundation for the school. Research shows that when students become an intrinsic part of their environment, they will take a greater role in their responsibilities to achieve.

An important and vital aspect of making character connections is to educate all stakeholders. We are powerful role models whether we realize it or not and because of that, we have a responsibility to our students to model positive character traits in all we do. Our actions, reactions and decisions will directly mold the actions, reactions and decisions of our students. The positive language of character is a powerful and effective communication tool. Character does not happen in isolation; it requires a community effort and a sense of belonging.

It is not only that we know the good, but to see the good, recognize the good and then do the good is what we strive for. We are committed to carry on with this important work in our goal to graduate citizens of character!

At Harry Ainlay, we are active learners who

  • attend all classes and are ready to learn
  • arrive on time for all classes
  • bring all learning materials to every class
  • do our best work in every class
  • read a variety of literature for learning and enjoyment
  • spend our study periods quietly in the designated areas (library or cafeteria)
  • carry our school ID card and present it when asked
  • respect our school building and grounds (lockers, floors and ceilings, painted and glass surfaces, washrooms)
  • treat fellow students and staff with dignity and respect
  • refrain from using cell phones anywhere inside the school and keep them turned off and out of sight in the classrooms
  • respect the school dress code – remove all hats and wear appropriate business casual attire
  • refrain from card playing in the school

…to ensure that all achieve superb results!